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I, the owner/agent for the job site listed below, am aware that microbial growth/activity OR “mold” has been detected and is present at my property and is not a result of any action or inaction from the contractor, Reeser HandyMan Services LLC, and fully release the contractor from any liability and responsibility to remediate said mold. Knowing that I may have an exclusion of coverage for any mold clean up or remediation, AND given the cost of remediation, I hereby decline a full-scale remediation for my property and elect to have a “limited” clean up performed. This will entail simply cleaning affected materials to remove obvious growths. This will be limited to components that are easily accessible and visibly affected. I also understand and agree that there still may be mold present in areas affected and unaffected after the clean-up process including but not limited to settled spores and areas of growth that may or may not be visible during the clean-up process. I also understand that this clean-up is not a guarantee against future mold growth in areas affected or unaffected.


Authorized Antimicrobial Agents: I understand that in the best judgment of Reeser HandyMan Services LLC, materials may be treated with a Commercial antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of microorganisms during the drying process. I have received advanced notice of the use of antimicrobial and/or antimicrobial products as part of the clean-up process. I understand it is beyond the expertise of Reeser HandyMan Services LLC to determine if someone is sensitive to its application and will hold Reeser HandyMan Services LLC harmless for its use.

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